Two-Year-Old Preschool Daycare In Mars, PA

Interactive five-day a week academic daycare program for two-year-old preschoolers.

Our creative approach to a quality academic program provides hands on learning, which helps children develop their social skills, communication and independent thinking.

Basic aspects of our program are reinforced each day of the week through participation in songs, active learning centers, games and structured indoor and outdoor play.

We started providing Christian daycare programs in Mars, PA over 30 years ago. Some of our staff has been with us for decades, providing the experience and stability needed to operate a successful daycare.

Thousands of families have trusted us to provide educational childcare for their children in a safe and secure environment. Our home-like facility and extensive campus provides all of the amenities needed for your child to feel comfortable, learn and have fun.

Two-Year-old Preschool Schedule:

  •  Our two-year-old preschool is an academic program with alphabet, shapes, colors, feeding themselves and continued potty training
  •  Christian program with blessings, Bible songs and Christian music
  •  Arts & Crafts three days a week
  •  Two snacks a day. Child brings lunch.
  •  Separate playground from older children
  •  Our staff is 100% CPR and first-aid certified
  •  Safe & Secure building and grounds
  •  Offers flexible attendance. Many childcare facilities charge full-time rates even if you desire part-time attendance.
  • Vision Childcare works with families providing the best childcare options within your budget.

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Main entrance located directly across the street from Garfield Avenue Park in Mars, PA (click here for directions)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1078, Mars, PA 16046