Our Daycare Campus Is Designed For Creative And Fun Learning Adventures For Every Age


The nursery for infants and toddlers is housed in a separate building and has a secure entrance and play area.

Our nursery school program exceeds state qualifications and provides quality care in a safe and fun environment.

Our interactive approach allows for the development of each child to grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.


Our daycare believes academics and children’s motor skills development are enhanced by the use of technology. At Vision Childcare, we are equipped with a vast array of technology from computers to individual tablets and age appropriate learning software.

Our main academic area is complemented by a high-tech computer center. Children are allowed to access educational websites and the internet through our elaborate “blocking” system, which only the websites of our supervision can be used. Our staff engages the children to use academic and educational websites to enhance the goals of our academic program at different age levels.

All of the software and websites are deemed developmentally appropriate and enhance the instruction of the preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and before and after school age children.


All of our staff at Vision Childcare are certified in CPR and first aid.

Our campus is fenced, has secure entrances and exits and is constantly monitored by security cameras and our staff.


The open and spacious main academic area at our daycare helps children move freely from one exciting learning activity to another. At Vision Childcare and Christian Academy we stress learning in an active and center based approach. Our main floor is equipped with various learning centers which stress the goals of our academic program.

These centers emphasize the reading, mathematics, fine and gross motor skills and the social development aspect of our academic program. Our main floor area is an equipped learning area for large and small group instruction. In addition, individualized learning centers and games are spread throughout the main floor. A large area of fun academic literature, audio visual aids and a computer lab are also available.

One of the most unique aspects of our main academic area is the beautiful and elaborate wall mural encompassing the entire learning area. From the “Vision Cafe” to biblical stories of “Noah’s Ark” and “Jonah and the Whale”, bright and vivid colors and stories help to bring learning alive and create an active and stimulating environment. Vision daycare emphasizes learning in a fun and interactive way that not only keeps the interest of your child, but also contributes to their physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth!


Kids want to be kids. They want to play!

We have safe and creative play areas that involve jungle gyms and other play equipment.

Multiple playgrounds and play times allow for age appropriate equipment and interaction to accommodate all daycare participants from two-year-olds, through pre-kindergarten and before & after school age children.


Our separate room for two year-olds is filled with a visual array of exciting concepts. Numbers, colors and letters are actively displayed to build the beginning development of these skills and concepts.

The immersion of the children into a colorful visual and stimulating learning environment is one of the goals for our two year-old academic area. “The Best Kids in the Forest” theme rewards good behavior and active participation.


This age group has separate learning centers unique to the age appropriate level of education.


Our facility at Vision Childcare is fully equipped with a large and spacious cafeteria.

Encouragement of positive interactions, self-help and group giving of thanks to God is given before each meal.

Our cafeteria area includes a microwave, multiple refrigerators and seating for both younger and older children. We take pride in the fact that our breakfast and lunch program is presented in a safe, clean and separate environment.

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